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7 Ultimate Survival Foods for Dealing with a Disaster Aftermath

So you want to keep you and your family safe in case the unthinkable happens.  That’s why you started stockpiling food in the basement.  But are you sure you’re stocking what you need for survival?  You know to stock lots of food, but what foods are best for your urban/family survival kit?

Well, here are 7 ultimate survival foods straight from Jason Richards’ “Family Survival Course” to keep you and your family alive during times of crisis.

        1. Beef Jerky

Any urban survival guide worth its salt will tell you that beef jerky is probably one of the best survival foods out there.  It’s healthy, chock full of protein and calories, delicious, and practically lasts forever!  No bug out bag should be complete until you throw a couple of bags of jerky in it.  If you’re not crazy about beef, you can make your own, or substitute beef for turkey.

        2. Pleasure Foods

Things like popcorn, hot chocolate/juice powder, peanuts, nuts, and peanut butter.  Think about it:  you might be without any luxuries for awhile.  Morale is going to suffer.  This may not be something you want to put in your 72 hour survival kits, but is definitely something to consider for more long term survival kits.  They are still nutritious and can be awesome for raising morale or as a little reward for making it this far.

        3. Garlic

Yes, garlic.  This is fantastic for keeping your family free of diseases for the long haul.  It also adds a little bit of pizzazz to all that Spam your new emergency survival guide told you to hoard.  I would consider it one of the more critical items for survival because it is light, cheap, and keeps the germs away.  When disaster strikes, you may not be able to get to a pharmacy any time soon.

        4. Vitamins and Minerals

Again, maybe not really a bug out bag sort of thing (and not technically food), but vitamins and minerals can come in mighty handy.  Stored food has a much lower nutritional value than fresh food.  The act of canning can decrease food nutrition by as much as 60%.  Super-food supplements like blue green algae and bee pollen can literally save your life.  Definitely keep these around in your family survival kit.

        5. Coffee

Please, oh please bring coffee in your 72 hour survival kit, your wife will be thrilled.  There is definitely a reason why every emergency survival guide mentions coffee somewhere.  Green coffee is best if you can get your hands on it.  It hasn’t been roasted or cracked yet, so the shelf life is much higher (around 20 years).  You can roast it when you are ready to enjoy it.  It’s great for morale, and will get you alert in the morning.  Even more important when your survival depends on your awareness.

        6. Honey

If you bought an urban survival guide (or any survival guide for that matter) and honey isn’t in it, tear it up and use it for kindling.  Honey is the only food in the world that never spoils.  In fact, honey has been removed from the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and was found to be just as fresh as honey fresh from the beehive.  As a sweetener, it’s second-to-none.  It’s also a natural antibiotic, having been used to treat wounds on the battlefield for centuries.  Stick it in your family survival kit right now.

        7. Vinegar

An absolute must-have in any good long term survival kit.  It can jazz up just about any recipe in existence.  It’s also a cheap cleaning agent, a solvent, and a deodorizer.  You don’t get much more all-purpose than vinegar.  Definitely one of the most critical items for survival you can keep in your emergency survival kit.

A Useful Article About Survival Inspired by James Richards

My goal was to create a Jason Richard’s Family Survival Course review and after reading the guide, I learned some interesting things.  It’s easy to take for granted the relative safety we live in today, but what would happen to you and your family were thrust into an emergency situation?  Do you know what a “bug out bag” is?  Does your house have any sort of family survival kit?  Do you even know the critical items for survival?

It really helps to have a 72 hour survival kit handy in case the unexpected hits.  Having what you need for survival ready to go in an easy-to-get-to spot can mean the difference between life and death.

A 72 hour survival kit, or bug out bag, is easily created and crucial to emergency survival should the next “big one” hit.  Some items that you should keep in your bug out bag include water (1 liter per person per day), lightweight canned food, a pocket knife, necessary medicines and prescriptions, and some sort of family survival guide and “defense system” (wink, wink) wouldn’t hurt, either.

Of course, this kind of 3-day emergency preparedness is just the tip of the iceberg.  A true survivalist is going to need a much more long term survival kit in order to make it after a big disaster.  Getting out of immediate danger is obviously a big part, but what do you do afterward?

Perhaps the most important thing that anyone can do in an emergency situation is to BE CALM.  You will need all the strength you can muster, and panicking will only make things worse.  A really good calming strategy is to force yourself to take deep breaths and repeat a short phase, something like “you’ll be fine” or “God is good”.  Slower breathing relaxes your muscles, and reduces the knee-jerk fear reaction that you’ll have should disaster strike.

So if you want to STOP living in fear and START preparing your family for disaster.  The sooner you start, the better.  Once the fire starts burning and everyone is panicking, it’s already too late.